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Horses to Humans

Do you want to get closer to your horse, to understand just what is going on with them?

Everyone has heard of Horse Whispering, most people try to listen to their horses and to do their very best by them but how many of us look and listen to ourselves?

The mood we are in, our internal grumbles and joys, our enthusiasm and reluctance can all be heard by our horses without us saying a word.

How often has your horse "looked after" you when they couldn't possibly have known anything was wrong?

Why is it that they only mess about when you are short of time?

The answers lie with our own behaviour, the instinctive, silent but very easily understood language our bodies talk. Animals rely on this silent information for survival, they are experts in this understanding of instinctive behaviour.

We humans have moved further and further from using our instincts, we are dependant on what we know from verbal and written information rather than having faith in what we observe and how we feel about it.

We listen less well than we could and seldom take the time to listen to the signals we give out.

To improve horse to human relations we have to know more about what they hear and feel from us and what we can do about it.

Learning with horses can help you

Learning with Horses can help you understand what your body language is saying about you. Through a series of games and tasks you can learn how horses react to your behaviour and how they interpret what you are saying. Find out what the horse is saying to you and why.

This is fun, experiential learning, no lecturing, just the chance to learn from horses in a friendly, relaxed environment. All the work is filmed and you get the chance to take time away from the horse, sit back and review what has happened. Often, the simplest things we do can cause horses to get the wrong end of the stick!

For group work or individual attention, contact:

Lee Watson Hall, Learning With Horses

Phone : 07791 366 239
Email :